ST.JOSEPH'S College of Engineering and Technology
Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai.
Thanjavur, Tamilnadu.
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Department of Civil Engineering

About the Department

The Department of Civil Engineering was started in the year 2011 with an intake of 60, in order to meet the educational needs of the CIVIL industry. The Department of Civil Engineering caters to the regional and global human resource requirements. Owing to the growing trend, the strength has been further increased to 120 in the year 2013.

Out of 58 students in the First Batch in the year 2015, 45 students are well placed in 2015 itself. Most of our passed out students have started construction work in their own. Our department is enriched with eleven committed and dedicated teaching faculty members with hands off teaching Experience and Excellent academic record. Our faculty members participated in various workshops conducted by IITs and Government Agencies. Our students also sent project proposal to Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology. To meet our students need we regularly conduct GUEST lectures, for that we invite professors from prominent institutions.

Courses Offered : B.E (Civil Engineering) - 4 years


Our laboratories are well established with a wide range of equipments with latest and highly sophisticated instruments. CIVIL Labs are artistically and ergonomically designed, where students get an opportunity to develop their skills according to the global needs and international standards. Our department has high equipments and latest software for the academic and research programs. The following fully equipped laboratory facilities are made available with all essential equipment, testing arrangements and instruments, computing systems with software.


Total Station,Theodolites, Dumpy level, Plane table ,Pocket ,Stereoscope, Ranging rods ,Leveling staff, Cross staff ,Chains ,Tapes ,Arrows ,Prismatic Compass, GPSSurveyor Compass. The student will posses knowledge about Chain surveying, Compass surveying, Plane table surveying, Levelling, Theodolite surveying and Engineering surveys and they have the knowledge about TOTAL STATION.


Computer systems of Pentium IV or equivalent and AUTOCAD.The student should be able to draft on computer building drawings (Plan, elevation and sectional views) in accordance with development and control rules satisfying orientation and functional requirements.


Concrete cube moulds,Concrete cylinder moulds,Concrete Prism moulds,Sieves,ConcreteMixer,Slumpcone,Flowtable,Vibrator,Trovels and planers,UTM – 400 kNcapacity,VeeBee,Consistometer,Aggregate impact testing machine,CBRApparatus, BlainsApparatus,Los - Angeles abrasion testing machine, Marshall Stability Apparatus.From this lab student gains the knowledge about the concrete mix proportion ,fresh concrete strength determination , hardened concrete strength determination ,softening, penetration and viscosity of bitumen.


Sieves,Hydrometer,Liquid and plastic limit apparatus,Shinkage limit apparatus,Proctor compaction apparatus,UTM of minimum of 20KN capacity,Direct shear apparatus,Thermometer,Field density measuring device,Triaxial shear apparatus,Three gang consolidation test device, The student gains adequate knowledge on engineering properties of soil.


UTM of minimum 400 KN capacity, Torsion testing machine for steel rods, Izod impact testing machine, Hardness testing machine, Rockwell Vicker’s, Brinnel, Beam deflection test apparatus, Extensometer, Compressometer, Dial gauges, Le Chatelier’s apparatus, Vicat’s apparatus, Mortar cube moulds. The experimental work involved in this laboratory should make the student understand the fundamental modes of loading of the structures and also make measurements of loads, displacements and strains. Relating these quantities, the student should be able to obtain the strength of the material and stiffness properties of structural elements.


Bernoulli’s theorem – Verification Apparatus, Pitot tube assembly, Venturimeter,Orificemeter.orifice tank, Centrifugal pump assembly with accessories (single stage), Centrifugal pump assembly with accessories (multi stage), Reciprocating pump assembly with accessories, Deep well pump assembly set with accessories, Impulse turbine assembly with fittings & accessories, Francis turbine assembly with fittings & accessories, Kaplan turbine assembly with fittings & accessories.Student is introduced to open channel flow characteristics including hydraulic jump and surges. Hydraulic machines viz flow through turbines and pumps including their performance characteristics and design aspects are taught. Student will have the abilities to analyse flow characteristics in open channel and design hydraulic machines.


Oxygen analyzer, Spectrophotometer, Sodium Potassium Analyzer – Flame Photometer, Nephlo - turbidity meter, pH meter, BOD Analyser, COD Analyser, Jar Test Apparatus.This subject includes the list of experiments to be conducted for characterisation of water and municipal sewage. The student is expected to be aware of the procedure for quantifying quality parameters for water and sewage.

Recent News/Events

  • Eleven students from final year participated in Placement training held at Gnanam school of Business , Vallam , Thanjavur on 12.08.2016, the students are as follows,Elakkiya M, Franklin A, Gowsalya E , Ramanathan S , Subasri , Surya , Uma maheswari S,Vasanth M ,Vijayvenkatesh C, Jayaprakash.P , Pareesrahuman.A.

  • Final year students namely M.Sathish and S.Vivek won First prize in Quiz competition during Symposium held at Kings College of Engineering in the month of August 2016.

  • On 30.08.2016 CIVIL DEPT association and EXPO inauguration held in Civil dept. headed by Admin. Sister, Asst.Administrator, Principal and HOD and all staffs and students of civil dept attended. For the whole day Expo opened for other department students and staffs.

  • Third year (81 students and 3 staffs ) went to survey camp. The places are Thirumayam on 08.09.2016,Rameshwaram on 09.09.2016 and Vailankanni on 10.09.2016.

  • Guest Lecture held on 10.09.2016 for II year students. Engineering Geology took by Dr.Shankar from PMU.

  • Remi Kingsly.I of third year awarded Best Researches 16’ for his research of“PREVENTION OF BUILDINGS FROM SUDDEN EARTHQUAKES BY USING REINFORCED ISOLATION BEARINGS”, from the Department of Science and Technology Government of India, New Delhi and Tamil nadu Science and Technology Centre, Chennai.


Through an improving degree of professionalism, we are able to produce more and more opportunities to our budding Engineers and Managers in higher ranked industries with a high degree of morale and sense of attainment. We are able to expand our network with the industries through our high sense of commitment aiming student career progress. We are maintaining remarkable placement record for our students.


Mr. A. Rajesh B.E., M.E.,

Head of the Department,

Department of CIVIL,



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